Ideas for Wedding Photographs

Pictures speak a thousand words and that is why it is so essential to make sure that on your big day, you get your BIG pictures. Since social media is now a big part of our daily lives, not only do we think about photos for ourselves, but also the perfect shot for social media, to allow others to share the moment.

Photography has changed immensely over the years, allowing most people to be their own photographer with filters at the go and smartphones at the ready. Weddings in general need to shout 'FUN' and 'UNIQUE' and the only way this shows is through the photos. Here are some groovy tips on what you can do on your big day to get those snaps!

Wedding Selfie

1, 2, 3 and SNAP - The Photo Booth

Ideas for Wedding Photography

A photo booth is an excellent finishing touch to your day. Not only is it heaps of enjoyment for your guests, but it allows the memories to shine through. What is better than looking back on your nearest and dearest pulling funny faces or laughing in fits? These kinds of photos are usually unable to be captured by a professional mainly because they are not there at the right time or because they are focused on more staged images. This idea gives you the flexibility to have it all in one and even enjoy it for yourself. Most professionals now offer a photo booth alongside their traditional photography style so be sure to ask. If not then you could always try and make your own.

The Cardboard Frame

The life size frame has taken weddings and functions by storm, mainly because of their low costs but also because they look amazing through a lens. The cardboard cut-out imitates what looks like a polaroid picture which you hold and stand through to take the perfect shot. Don't forget to strike a pose of course! A photographer could capture some brilliant shots with this and what is best is you can make it at home. You just need a steady hand, some cardboard and some pant. Voila!

Prop a lot

One of our most favourite additions to photography has to be the wedding props. Want to make a statement? Why not grab a moustache prop or some neon glasses and pull a face for the pics'. It is so much fun and demands for involvement which means your guests will always have something to do. The props are usually found on wooden sticks with a card cut out stuck to the top however if you want to go that extra mile you could try and get actual artificial props for people to try on. These are the pictures you will want to keep and even the bride and groom can get involved. It's an amazing way to retain those fun memories of which you want to have to look back on in years to come.

Have a signature pose

As cheesy as this may sound, it also adds that personal touch to your wedding. You can get people to do the same pose with all your guests and make it something a little edgy. Peace sign's, blowing kisses to the bride and groom or strike a pout with everyone. All these poses can be done consistently with every guest, imagine how cute the wedding album would look!

The Big Selfie

Ideas for Wedding Photography

Our absolute favourite is the 'Selfie', and why not? Trying to re do the famous Oscar selfies is always a great momentum and a fantastic way to come together. See how many people you can get into your selfie and also get the photographer to capture the moment. What might help is the 'Selfie Stick' which allows you to utilise more space and get more people involved. I can only speak from experience when I say this one is always the most elaborate and satisfying.

So there you have it, a few new ways of making the photos for your big day social media friendly and unique to anything you have seen or done previously. It is always wonderful to reminisce on the good times and by utilising these new methods you will be able to do exactly that. Good luck on your big day and don't forget to say CHEESE!