Quirky Wedding Album Ideas

The days of the traditional ways are over, everyone is looking to be unique or think outside of the box and this doesn't stop at your wedding photo albums. The idea of a very normal looking album just doesn't seem so appealing anymore and so we've come up with some ideas on how you can funk yours up.

Photos are the memories that keep the moment going so it's important you get the feel of your big day from glancing back, this doesn't stop at the images though and it's important to pack it all in with memoirs and gestures. Here are the top 3 ideas we have for you guys:

Get Scrappin'

Quirky Wedding Album Ideas

Making a scrap book album is probably one of the most sentimental types of albums you could think of. You can get it to match up with your wedding theme by using the decorations and props from the big day. Utilise wasted decoration to make a cute frame or collage amongst images from the big day, even try and burn the edges of craft paper to give it a more vintage feel. There is a 101 ways to make a wedding scrap album but I recommend you check Hobbycraft for them all! The craft paper, stickers and little bits you can purchase are totally cute allowing you a lot of option and variety along the way. The idea of making a scrap book means it is personal to you and you can have fun making it - together maybe? Try using a calligraphy pen for the sake of cute messages under images to remind you of a certain moment. There's lots you can play about with when you choose the option of getting crafty - Let's get sticking and cutting ladies!

Storybook Album

Quirky Wedding Album Ideas

Why not make your fairy-tale wedding into a real life fairy-tale story with a story book theme for your photo album? You could caption the photos through applications such as ‘Polagram' who can conjure up a hardback book with images and personalised captions for each image. Rather than captioning with a generic date or time, why not start a little story from start to end which will give it a magical finish?! It's safe to say this would be something interesting to read in the future and amazing to look back on. Maybe even create some imaginary villains in there! Not only that but it would allow you to run away with your imagination and get all those feelings into words. Always an interesting read, make your day into a classic love story!

The Traditional with A twist

Quirky Wedding Album Ideas

The traditional album that being an album full of photos one after the other printed onto matte prints and stuck into an album is always a sensible choice. But you could funk it up with little messages from people to go with their pictures. The messages could be from them to you for you to look bad and read. It could be a cause for giggles or a teary moment but it will certainly add more to the traditional style of photo album. This will allow the images to mean that little bit more to you and perhaps even remind you of a specific moment or something that was said to you on the day. Try it out and see how it works for you!

Here you have it, the top 3 wedding photo album ideas. Of course you are going to look amazing and let's pray for sunshine but better than looking at images is having a sense of feel from your big day, these ideas will give you that and maybe much more. Opening up a book of memories with personalised touches is always better than just plain old images right?

Whichever method you choose just remember that the album should represent you, your companion and your amazingly wonderful big day, so use all the tools you can and don't waste that confetti - who knows what kind of image you can build with it! Good luck with your big day and a lifetime full of memories with your adorable wedding albums.