Top Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Money


You just can't go wrong with money, because lets face it, we all need it, even more so when you you have a costly wedding to pay for. Put some cash inside a nice card with a sweet personalised message, it'll make the bride feel like you care about her a lot.

2. Weekend Spa Day For Two

Weekend Spa Day For Two

Weekend spa breaks have so much to offer when it comes to relaxing and unwinding. Something every bride will want to do after putting so much hard work and effort into planning the wedding. With plenty of treatments to choose from like manicures, massages, reflexology etc and gym and swimming facilities, your bride will feel more than pampered at the end of the break. Spa has various appealing locations in Yorkshire that you can choose from.

3. Makeover and Photoshoot Experience


Why not give the bride a special photoshoot treat just before her wedding day. As we all know, weddings are marvellous occasions but the question is: why should you only get the chance to look beautiful and be in the spot light for one day only. This fabulous experience means that the bride can dress up, have her hair styled and make-up applied by experienced professionals and practice posing in-front of the camera before the real occasion. Virgin has some good session offers at the moment.

4. Rustic Leather Photo Album

Leeds Castle

Rustic Leather photo albums are an excellent way to present and store wedding photographs with class and style. The covers are made from top quality leather that looks superb and lasts for a very long time. The bride is going to like this gift because she can store her most precious wedding memories in a fashionable way.

5. GHD Styler Gifts

GHD Gift Set

There are quite a few well-packaged GHD styler gifts available that come with all the little extras like protection sprays, clips, mats etc. It's a memorable gift as the bride will think of you every time she uses them. Plus, she'll be thankful to you for making her hair styling a lot quicker and simpler.

6. Aroma Therapy Massages

Aroma Therapy Massages

A wonderfully alternative gift on a wedding day for the bride is an aroma therapy massage. Aromatherapy Massages are a beautifully pampering, full body treatment that will leave you feeling soothed, calm, peaceful and light. With a bespoke essential oil blended for your specific needs, this gentle and nurturing therapy quietens the mind, stills the body and provides a sense of overall well being. Aside from how beautiful and meditative the oils smell, they actually pass through the skin, into the bloodstream and work their magic. Typically offered throughout West Yorkshire by providers such as Energy Hollistics this will be a soothing and relaxing gift the bride won't forget anytime soon.