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1. Wedding Photo Shoot

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Give the bride a makeover before she says "I do" in Wedding Photo Shoot. In this realistic dress up title, you don't just play the role of a stylist, you are also a beauty expert.

You see, the poor bride has a pimple breakout. You will need to use a skin cleanser, scrub her face clean and apply a cream mask so she can say goodbye to oily skin. Once she's as radiant as can be, you will need to shape the bride's eyebrows with the use of some tweezers. Careful, the only thing you need to remove is the stray hair on the sides.

From here on, everything is optional. The game provides you with a wide range of makeup options so you can complement her natural beauty. You can change her eye color with the use of contact lenses; make her eyes pop with mascara, eye shadow and an eyebrow pencil; use blush to make glow and make her lips look fuller with lipstick.

Of course, no bridal look is complete without a dress and a veil. You are given eight dresses and four veils to choose from, with a handful of necklaces to tie everything together.

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2. Wedding Photoshoot

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In Wedding Photoshoot, you are a stylist who is helping a bride choose her wedding look. You are given the chance to select from a set of hair styles, veils and dresses. There are also a wealth of accessories to choose from so that the blushing bride will truly shine on her day.

There are two main sets you can pick items of clothing from. Each one has two hairstyles, three veils and five dresses listed under it. The first set is a bit more traditional. Pick from a pair of classy, swept up hair styles and match it with either a lace mantilla with gold trimmings, a blusher veil or a tulle head piece.

The items in the second set are no less beautiful than the ones found in the first. They are a bit more modern though, so if you're into the latest trends, then you may find some great pieces from this set. There are long veils here as well, one is layered while the other reaches down to the bride's fingertips.

Complete the look with any of the five dresses, including a gold-colored number made of lace, a casual dress with a tulle skirt and an elegant one which is strapless. After that, choose some accessories to complement the look. There are a handful of tiaras, seven pairs of earrings, seven necklaces to match those and five kinds of shoes.

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3. Wedding Photoshoots

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Help the bride and her handsome groom make beautiful memories in Wedding Photoshoots. Use your fabulous sense of style to pick a look for the bride and make her look stunning on her big day. From dresses to shoes, you are given several, special pieces to mix and match so you can create a unique look.

There are five hairdos to choose from. Want something classy? Give her a blonde updo. Or, if you're looking for something that will make her truly stand out, then dye her hair pink.

Once you're decided on what to do with her lovely locks, it's time to pick out a gown. Are you looking for something with tulle or would you prefer the short, strapless dress that's great for a garden wedding? There's one with sequins too, in case you fancy something with a little, extra sparkle.

Afterwards, don't forget to pick a pair of shoes to complement the bride's dress. You can go for the ruby red sandals for a modern twist on a classic look or go for something gold and pointy. Finally, there are accessories to tie everything together. Choose from several pairs of earrings, necklaces and veils to make everything picture perfect.

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4. Wedding Pose

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It's almost time for Tim and Kaira's wedding. Before they can walk down the aisle and say their "I Do's", you will need to help the blushing bride pick her bridal outfit. Keep in mind that their wedding is going to be held on an island, so pick a style that's sure to delight all their beloved guests.

When it comes to the selections, you will have no problems in terms of variety. You are given six hair options to choose from. Want Kaira to be a redhead? Go for the one with braids. Not your style? Give her a layered look for that edgy vibe. Or, if you really want something memorable, go for some fashionable, dip dye tresses.

Ten types of gowns await you after that. There are so many cuts and styles, Something is bound to catch your eye. If you want something a bit casual, then go for the short party dress in gold. For something a tad more daring, there's a pink dress with a leg slit. Of course, there are options for traditional types too.

Make the bride sparkle with a pair of earrings and a necklace. Add a veil and a pair of gloves to complete the look and then choose one of eight colorful bouquets for a pop of color.

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5. Bride on the Swing

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Almost every wedding has a motif, regardless what the couple's budget is. In Bride on the Swing, bride-to-be Lucy has chosen a swing to go with her wedding theme. Before her solo photo shoot, you will need to help her decide on a gorgeous outfit that will go with her chosen scene. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be traditional -- there's even a black wedding dress in the mix!

Next on the list is a nice hairstyle. From straight, purple hair to a ginger up do, pressing on the "CLICK ME" button will cycle the options. Choose a tiara to go with her new 'do and match that with a necklace and a pair of earrings.

If you're looking for something classy, go for the satin gloves. Looking for something more elegant? Maybe the one with pearls will catch your eye. There's also one that's fingerless if you don't want Lucy to be too covered up.

Like the dress types, the shoe options are quite trendy. There's one in hot pink, some strappy sandals with studded straps, even one with a leopard print! Lastly, pick a veil and a bouquet before taking a photo of Lucy on the swing.

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