Wedding Photoshoot Game

Wedding Photo Shoot is actually divided into two parts: clean up and dress up. For clean up, you will be privy to the stressed-out bride's bare face. As her fairy godmother, you are there to address her beauty concerns. You'll need to arm yourself with the latest creams and products to fade her pimple marks, lighten up the dark marks under her eyes and make her look absolutely radiant.

Feel a bit intimidated? Don't be. The controls are kept simple. All you really need to do is to follow the on-screen prompts and the bride will be good to go. It's a bit silly but the primping part of the game is actually a realistic take on wedding prep. After all, there's no bride who wouldn't benefit from a little help to look like the best version of herself.

Release Date: 27/05/2010

Portal Rating: 4.2/5

Wedding Photoshoot is developed by Hot Games for Girls.

After you've successfully cleaned up the bride's face and her skin is smooth, it'll be time to help her put on some makeup. You are given free rein to choose which colors you want to mix and match. Give the bride a different eye color using contact lenses. Emphasize her lashes by helping her apply some mascara and complement that with eyeliner and one of eight eye shadow colors. Define the shape of her brows using some eyebrow pencil and make her glow with some blush. Finally, choose some lipstick to make her lips look fuller before deciding on a hair style.

When it comes to styling the bride's lovely tresses, you are given plenty of options. Not only are you given styles ranging from elegant one-sided hair to classy ponytails, each one also has four unique colors to choose from. Just having a palette for each already expands the selections more than your average dress-up game, which is definitely a plus.

Once you're done, it'll be time to choose pieces for the bridal attire. From a white silk dress to a gold-colored gown, you are given a total of eight dress choices. Pick a veil and a neck from four choices each and you're all done. To keep a souvenir of the bride's before and after journey, you may save a screen cap to your computer or print it using the in-game shortcuts. Better yet, replay the game to see how many styles you can come up with.