Wedding Photoshoots Game

In Wedding Photoshoots you have several hairstyles, a pair of clothing categories and a set of accessories to choose from. Kick off the makeover by choosing the perfect hairstyle. There are five to choose from, each with their own unique hair accessory. If you want something traditional, go for the brunette bun or the straight, blonde hair. Now, if you're a bit daring, there's a purple ponytail with pearls as well as long, pink hair.

Release Date: 27/05/2010

Portal Rating: 4.0/5

Wedding Photoshoots is developed by All For Girls.

Of course, no bride can get wed without a beautiful wedding dress. It doesn't matter what cut or color you choose, your client is sure to turn heads once you're done styling her. There are twelve dress types to choose from, with strapless numbers, puffy tulle skirts fit for a ballerina and even a classy, mermaid cut. Match the dress of your choice with strappy sandals or cone-heeled shoes and you're ready to move on to accessorizing.

In the Others category, there are six earrings, six necklaces and four veils to choose from. After you've decided whether or not you prefer a cute blusher over a flashy two-tier veil, you can then set the scene using the Show button. Is the wedding going to take place on a beach? Perhaps you want the pictorial to take place on autumn, be on a garden with a swing or be framed by grand pillars. Regardless where you would want the wedding to take place, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a picturesque moment you can show to your friends. Click on the Photo button to frame the bride in a Polaroid-like border.

There's no need to fret if, in case, the overall look didn't turn out exactly as you've hoped. You can always create another outfit by clicking on the Reset button. The bride will then be back in her underwear and be given the default, blonde hair style so you can start styling her from scratch.

If you love dress up titles or avatar makers, then Wedding Photoshoots is great for a few minutes of fun. Play it, create an outfit and put your style sense to the test by showing the completed look to your friends. Who knows, you may even pick up a thing or two for your own big day.